Electronic Court Filing

Federal Court of AustraliaIn late 2013 the Federal Court Of Australia announced it would mandate the electronic filing of documents from 2014.

I was subsequently asked to constitute and lead a project team tasked with the implementation of electronic filing at a large national law firm.

In doing so, I needed to consider various aspects of implementing electronic filing, from legal liability to technological issues, and practical implementation.

I established an internal project team that included:

  • a representative from the firm’s Office of General Counsel;
  • representatives from the firm’s Applied Legal Technology and Information Technology teams; and
  • selected legal operatives of varying seniority levels.

Between February and August of 2014, I:

  • liaised with the court’s electronic filing implementation team;
  • worked with the firm’s Information Technology team to review the relevant technical specifications, and identify and resolve any technical issues;
  • worked with the Office of General Counsel to identify and address legal issues, including any potential exposure to liability;
  • worked with filing clerks from the Applied Legal Technology team, and legal operatives, to identify and resolve any practical matters; and
  • drafted a policy, and procedural guide, for the use of electronic filing, and obtained the necessary sign offs for that policy from various stakeholders.

In September 2014 I released the policy, implemented electronic filing in the Federal Court across the firm nationally, and designed and presented a training program to all legal operatives of the firm.

Following the successful implementation of electronic filing in the Federal Court, in 2015 I was asked to do the same in respect of the NSW Online Registry serving NSW State courts and tribunals.

In a process largely analogous to the above, my project team analysed the technical, legal, and practical aspects of the NSW Online Registry. Based on that analysis, I drafted a policy, and procedural guide, obtained the necessary internal approvals, and rolled out electronic filing in the NSW courts, and a related training program for legal operatives in May 2015.