Trusted Adviser

Stephen SanderWorking in law and business over two decades, I had become a trusted business, social media, legal, and knowledge management adviser.

Working as a commercial lawyer, I developed skills for analysing complex situations. As a business and marketing graduate, and former in-house counsel, I understand commercial imperatives.

My skills and experiences help me to approach business issues from a practical perspective.

If I love you, I have to make you conscious of the things you don’t see.
James Arthur Baldwin

As a litigator, commercial lawyer, in-house counsel, and knowledge manager I developed a range of business and people skills that make me uniquely suited to take a leading role in, and make a valuable contributions to business, and knowledge management projects.

I am technologically literate across a wide range of platforms, and business applications. I am deeply engaged with social media and emerging technologies, and their potential for improving efficiency, productivity, staff and client engagement, and business intelligence.

I am experienced in developing and delivering training programs designed to deal with a range of issues, from regulatory compliance to policy implementation, cultural shifts, and new skills training.

My experience in designing and deploying processes to collect, technology to organise, and social media and other tools to deliver organisational knowledge to employees and clients, makes me an indispensable contributor to social media project teams.

To establish whether you require advisory, or consultancy services, or perhaps some combination of the two, read a description of the roles: Adviser vs. Consultant.