About Me

‘Stephen Sander, former political refugee and now a lawyer with Allens Arthur Robinson, experienced the power of legal systems early on in life.’ (Cross-border Lawyer, Lawyers Weekly, 28 February 2003)

‘Complex.Modern.Human.’ is the tagline of my web site.

My unique life experiences along my journey, including growing up in a communist dictatorship, and becoming a political dissident and refugee during my teenage years, have been formative influences on my personal and professional development.

Those experiences created a complex personality which is strong but compassionate, and decisive but consultative.

Leaders who refuse to listen will eventually be surrounded by people who have nothing significant to say.
Andy Stanley

Those qualities helped me build a new life in my adopted home, Australia, where I learned to speak English on the job, worked hard to secure a place at university, completed a double degree in business and law, and went on to build a successful career.

My values are underpinned by authenticity, decency, and integrity, and a desire for fairness, human dignity, and social justice. My life experinces are also the driving force behind my fearless commitment to human rights and social justice, and advocacy for workplace diversity and inclusion.

I consider my agility, curiosity, and never-ending desire to learn, innovate, and reinvent the quintessential building blocks of my success in both my personal and professional life.

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.
Albert Einstein

I enjoy the arts and literature, and respect science. I regularly draw from the experiences of learned artists, authors, philosophers, scientists, and thinkers through their pearls of wisdom, which I often think of as quotes to live by.

I am also a creative personality, and I enjoy exploring ideas, reading, and writing. I write about a wide range of subjects, from social media, to the law, knowledge, and cultural and social issues, at my blog The Vue Post.