Business Projects

Office buildingsI have worked with leading Australian and international organisations and business professionals for over a decade and a half. Doing so gave me a unique perspective of business operations in a range of industries, and an ability to identify stale institutionalised thinking and unproductive cultural roadblocks.

That’s how we’ve always done it,’ is not just my least favourite phrase in the world, but one of the most dangerous state of mind any organisation can ever encounter.

If you tell me ‘I have never failed at anything,’ I will tell you that you have never really taken any real risk, or stretched yourself by doing something truly unique.

The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.
Gloria Steinem, et al.

I am a first principles thinker with a strong, practical background in establishing, resourcing and managing project teams, facilitating diverse views and expectations, and cutting through distractions and organisational roadblocks, to achieve practical outcomes.

I am an advocate of strategic knowledge, project management, technology and social media integration.

As a senior professional I have hands-on experience in leading, training and mentoring employees, interacting with executive teams, building consensus, developing policies, managing cross-functional teams, and successfully planning, resourcing, and implementing projects to create common sense and successful business solutions.


A selection of articles I published over the years which explore a range of business issues: